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Terms and Conditions

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These terms and conditions contain important information and instructions referring to your rights for the Raetz Solutions. By clicking on ‘accept’ option and using the services, you agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions. And you acknowledge that Raetz Solutions may collect your personally identifiable and technical information related to your use of the service. You represent that you have all authority as to all PCs and equipment to be provided under this agreement to and agree to be liable for the services provided by Raetz Solutions and authorize those activities. In the event that you do not agree to all of the terms, conditions, and limitations of this agreement, click "decline/disagree" and do not access or use the services. If that you click "accept/agree", it is understood that you have agreed that you, your employer, and the owner of the PC on which the services are accessed, used, or provided all accept this agreement in its entirety and agree to abide by all of the terms, conditions of this agreement.


Agreement- implies end user Agreement Customer," or "you" implies the individual or entity that subscribes to or buys and utilizes the Services and any individual who gets to the Services, Software or Equipment provided therefore thereof.

"Service(s)" implies any services you have consented to get from Raetz Solutions. For ease of reference, Software and Equipment offered by Raetz Solutions regarding the Services should be referred to in this document altogether as "services."

"Software"states to any product we introduce on any Customer-owned or controlled PCs or machines regarding the Services. Some other software, including, without limitation, any software installed on Customer Equipment preceding Customer's receipt of the Services or any software installed by Raetz Solutions at Customer's request for during the execution of the Services by Raetz Solutions should be referred to as "customer Software."

"Equipment" implies any equipment or accessories you buy or lease from us or those given by us to use in any way regarding your Services. Some other hardware, including, without constraint, the machine for whichRaetz Solutions plays out the Services (unless such machine is given by Raetz Solutions as Equipment), shall be referred to as "Customer Equipment."


  • So as to open and keep up a record or purchase any Services, you should give us address and personal information, including, yet not limited to:
    It is your obligation to keep your email address, phone number and physical address so we can speak with you. You should update your record data with any new data within thirty (30) days of changes to such information. You comprehend and agree that in the event that we send you a communication but you don't get it in light of the fact that your data on document is inaccurate or outdated, or your email address is blocked by your service provider, or you are unable to get electronic communication, we will be regarded to have provided the communication to you under this Section 3 and Section 11.

    You approve Raetz Solutions, specifically or through third parties, to make any request it considers important to approve your identity. This may incorporate asking you for additional information or documentation, expecting you to give a citizen, national identification or social security number, expecting you to find a way to confirm responsibility for financial instruments, requesting a credit report or confirming data against third party databases or through different sources.

  • You are responsible for keeping up satisfactory security and control of any record IDs, passwords, individual identification numbers (PINs), or whatever other codes that you use regarding the Services or the Website. You agree not to reveal your secret key to anybody. You agree that you are completely and exclusively responsible for all activities that happen under your Raetz Solutions record, regardless of whether you have approved such activities. After learning of a security breach, you will instantly inform us.
  • You agree that preceding our provision of the Services, it is your responsibility to (1)back up the information, software, information or different documents on any Customer Equipment; and (2) remove all videotapes, floppy disk, compact disk, laser disk, tapes, DVDs, film or other media, that are essential for the Services from the Customer Equipment. You agree that whether or not you ask for backup services from Raetz Solutions, Raetz Solutions shall not be at liable under any conditions for any misfortune, disclosure, change or debasement of any information, programming, data, records, videotapes, compact disks, floppy disks, laser disks, tapes, DVDs, film or other media.

  • You will corporate completely with Raetz Solutions to investigate any suspected unlawful, dishonest or uncalled for movement, including, yet not limited to, conceding approved Raetz Solutions representatives access to any password-protected parts of your record.

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